Work Category

Arabian Drilling Services LLC is a Drilling Company providing highly efficient and mobile drilling rigs as a service provider to both development and exploration Oil and Gas Operators within the following Work Categories and in particular Category 112001 of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce (Drilling of Oil and Gas wells). Arabian Drilling Services is registered in Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) with Supplier Code 100636.

Arabian Drilling Services is registering to perform the following services as per the MOG registration codes.


Services Code

Service Name 

00056 Drilling Rigs/Services Horizontal-Directional Drilling
00057 Drilling Services
00058 Drilling Tools
00205 Under Balanced Drilling 
00213 Water Well Drilling
00230 Work-over rigs
00231 Well Services


cert 1 JSRS Certificate of Approval
cert 2 IADC Certificate of Membership
cert 3 PAL Compliance Verification Certificate 
cert 4 OAL Membership Certificate 
Work History and Capabilities

Arabian Drilling Services Senior Management as well as Management Team has a wealth of local as well as International hands on and management experience in both start-up operations as well as Drilling Operations.

In Oman ADS is currently operating a 1500 HP Drilling Rig for Daleel Petroleum, has been continuously operating 1000hp Highly Mobile Super Single Rigs since May 2010 for Petroleum Development Oman (A Shell Venture) and previously a 1000hp Highly Mobile Super Single Rig for MedcoEnergi Arabia, drilling in excess of 200 wells of various designs including:

  • S-Type Wells

  • Vertical Wells

  • Deviated Wells

  • Horizontal wells

  • With depths ranging from 1600m through 3900m and casing schemes from 13 3/8” through 7”

In the USA (Permian Basin) the 750 hp Hydraulic Super Single Rig was in operation from May 2010 until February 2012 drilling / completing over 60 vertical / horizontal wells to depths between 1500m and 2000m with well times of between 6 and 12 days; casing schemes ranged from 13 3/8” through 5”.


ADS Fleet
Arabian Drilling Services Rig Fleet utilizes simple, effective and safe automation in its design enabling enhanced operational and safety performance. Typical equipment include:

  • Hydraulic Raised Mast

  • Fully Automated Pipe Handling Equipment (Casing and Drill Pipe)

  • Ability to use Range 3 Tubulars

  • Automated Driller

  • Safety Shut-Down and Anti-Collison Devices

  • Automatic Power Tongs

  • Automatic Slips

  • Integrated Casing make-up and running Tools

  • 350T and 500T Top Drive

  • 250T Power Swivel

Summary of our Fleets, Capabilities, Current/Previous Clients, Current Location and Commission date are as below:

No. Rig Name Horse Power Current  and Previous Clients Current Location Commission Date
1 Ghazal 1 750HP Schramm Super Single Academy Drilling, USA Nizwa February 2010
2 Ghazal 3 1,000HP MD Cowan Super Single Petroleum Development of Oman Nizwa April 2010
3 Ghazal 4 1,000HP MD Cowan Super Single Petroleum Development of Oman Lekhuwair April 2010
4 Ghazal 5 1,000HP Super Single MedcoEnergi Arabia Nizwa June 2011
5 Ghazal 6 1,200HP Top Drive Daleel Petroleum LLC Ibri March 2014
6 Ghazal 7 1,500HP Top Drive Daleel Petroleum LLC Ibri January 2015
7 Ghazal 8 1,500HP Top Drive Under Construction UAE August 2016



  • Drilling Rigs
  • Horizontal-Directional Drilling
  • Drilling Services
  • Drilling Tools
  • Under Balanced Drilling
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Work-over rigs
  • Well Services

Contact Us

Arabian Drilling Services

P.O. Box 521, Postal Code 115, Muscat. Sultanate of Oman

Telephone: +968 2448 5795

Fax: +968 2448 5790